Electric (and hybrids) cars in Europe and their potential consumers

EurotaxGlass and Harris Interactive conducted a study in the five largest potential European markets for electric and hybrid vehicles: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom with a total panel of 5253 persons.

The guideline of the study is to identify the vision of consumers on the electrified vehicles by country.

Market interest and consideration for the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles
France comes first with 32% interest and 30% of purchase consideration (medium term between 1-2 years or more), then comes Spain with 32 and 22% respectively.

With 19% interest and 12% of purchase consideration the English are the less ready to switch to EVs

Brands with electrified vehicles
In average, 15%  think about Toyota followed by Honda (6%), while Renault, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and BMW getting only 3%.

Local manufacturers offer is best known locally

Hybrids vehicles identified
The Prius comes first with 16% and then comes the Honda Insight with 6%

Reason / Willingness to change
Mostly eco-responsibility but 20% of the panel also thinks about the lower operating costs

The majority of the panel is ready to pay an additional 10% on the standard price and 20% for a 25% increase but the average returns very different results depending on the country ...

-The interest is driven by consumer’s environmental awareness
-The more consumers are familiar with vehicles the lower their purchase intention is
-The results of this study are consistent with projected sales
-More education and information is needed, in parallel with a rapid development of the technology.

Via EuroTax
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