(VIDEO) Geely’s Mc Car unites car and scooter

The Chinese manufacturer Geely (which owns Volvo) presented a prototype called Mc Car at the Shanghai Motor Show, this 4 seater car integrates a three wheel scooter, an interesting concept for commuters living in the suburbs of large cities.


On the performance level two versions of the car are considered a purely electric urban-oriented and more versatile plug-in hybrid, here are their characteristics:

Mc Car electric
85kph maximum speed,  150km range, 12kWh battery, recharges in 6 hours

Mc Car plug-in hybrid (PHEV)
130kph maximum speed, 50km of range in all electric and 600km with the internal combustion engine and a 8kWh battery that recharges in two hours

Mc Car’s three wheel scooter
Maximum speed of 30kph for a range of 30km, recharge in 2 hours

The development of the Mc Car took more than 2 years of work, more than 60 patents have been registered and its industrialization is already settled!

Via Geely
Par Technologic Vehicles
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