The Lightning GT is back, arrives in 2012 and announces its price

This English electric supercar, originally presented in 2008 made a comeback at the Amsterdam Auto Show: AutoRAI
The opportunity for the brand to confirm the car’s launch in 2012 along with its very promising specifications...
Iain Sanderson’s dream, comes a little closer to a commercial reality.

The firm Lightning Car Company even updated the website, however, and this is probably the best news the design of this exceptional green GT hasn’t change at all...
Equipped with two electric motors at the rear, they provide a total power of 300kW or slightly more than 407ch, 0 to 100kph is shot dead in 5 seconds with a 240km range thanks to a 44kWh Lithium-Titanate battery.
The drive train will presumably be borrowed from the Mercedes SLS-E Cell.

The first units are scheduled for late 2012 with a production (in Coventry) volume of 250 units per year at a price of 250,000 €.

Its already (or soon) available competitors are:

Par Technologic Vehicles
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