(SHANGHAI) VW unveils the E-Scooter

The new Beetle was not the only premiere that VW had brought for the Shanghai Motor Show, they also came with a concept of the electric scooter called E-Scooter.

VW-E-scooter (3).jpgVW-E-scooter (4).jpg

With over 20 million two-wheelers sold in China VW sees a great opportunity in this market.

This little electric scooter/bike has a 350Watts engine and allows a range of 40km with a maximum speed of 50kph. His weight is 20kg without the battery (Nickel Metal Hydrid, NiMH).


This scooter may sign the beginning of a range of scooters with different powers and battery options, VW’s Head of Design for China Simon Loasby has indeed talked about a possibility of more powerfull versions equipped with 700w engines and Lithium batteries.

VW-E-scooter (2).jpg

The goal is to make sustainable mobility accessible, few options are being considered with rental in car-sharing type but also to sell direclty with an estimated street price below $ 1000!

Test programs should begin in China in 2012 before a global launch.

Via VW
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