Leaf Nismo RC: towards green motorsport series?

Here is the nastiest Nissan Leaf, it will be officially revealed in world premiere at the New York Auto Show. 

After the Esflow, Nissan is determined to show that electric mobility can be sexy! And this time, Nissan's Zero Emission strategy takes the shape of a Racing Specs Leaf!
Still 100% electric, forget the comfort of the serial production Leaf, no more rear seat, no more trunk, sound system or GPS... This Leaf is meant for racing.
The Leaf Nismo RC is a rolling laboratory to accelerate the development of electrical components and aerodynamics but also to serve as a platform for a green championship in the years to come according to Nissan, and draw the attention on the potential of electric vehicles for racing.
In detail: monocoque carbon bodywork, fixed window, slightly longer and much wider (17cm) with 938kg it weighs 40% less than the standard version, fortunately because the engine remains unchanged (107hp and 280Nm of torque) but it now powers the rear wheels with a mid-ship weight distribution (batteries pack). 

According to preliminary testing, 0 to 100kph takes 6.85 seconds and the maximum speed is 150kph while the range in race conditions is estimated at 20min. 

Via Nissan
Par Technologic Vehicles
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