(VIDEO) The Elektra One by PC Aero detailled in Friedrichshafen’s aviation show

After sharing with you the inaugural flight of this glider like electric aircraft on March 26th

During the 2011 Aero Friedrichshafen exhibition its designer Calin Gologan details the overall PC Aero concept: he wants to use of the aircraft as green as possible therefore the electric single seater is sold with its solar hangar fitted with 20m ² of photovoltaic cells to be able to recharge the Elektra One car with a maximum energy autonomy for a price under 100.000€ (for the package).

For the record its electric motor developed by Geiger engineering provides 18hp of continuous power and 22hp in peak allowing a 159kph top speed with minimal energy consumption thanks to low weight and aerodynamic efficiency.

In the end, the cost of use is only 35 € /hour or 0.2 € / km.

The Elektra One is based on the 3x100 rule : 100kg structure, 100kg battery and 100kg pilot and offers up to 3 hours of battery life.


You can find it specifications here
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