FlyNano, making electric recreational aircraft affordable

Pilot and aircraft designer Aki Suokas started dreaming about a very lightweight aircraft 10 years ago.

His dream finally came true, launched this week at Aero Friedrichshafen, the FlyNano is a single seater aircraft, it is offered in two petrol versions (including a race spec version) and one electric called E200.


Thanks to carbon fiber based composite it weights only 70kg for a maximum load of 200kg. With its 4.8 m wingspan and 3.8 m long, this recreational electric aircraft can reach speeds of 70 to 140 kph and has a theoretical range of 70km (40km for the electric model).


And for once the price is the best surprise: between 25,000 and 27,000€ without VAT (and without the trailer for storage and transport priced at 5300 €). You can already book yours for a 900€ deposit, the first deliveries will take place this summer.

And if that’s is not enough expensive for you, there is the Icon A5

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