Trexa Enertube, the kitcar 2.0 a platform optimized for EVs

We had already spotted the company Trexa based in Los Angeles, which develops a platform for electric vehicles, at the release of its first prototype last year.

The objective is to allow to both manufacturers and individuals the possibility of developing an electric vehicle simply, like an kitcar 2.0, an electric one.

Trexa has revealed its second prototype called Enertube.


The original platform is simplified, a tubular frame with a lot of room for the interior and the components and optimized weight distribution, each component is interchangeable.

The platform Enertube offers unprecedent flexibility, two or four wheel drive with motors placed on the axles and four possibilities for the battery pack 7, 20, 50 and up to 90kWh for utility vehicles.

Thus, this platform is adaptable to any type of vehicle and application.

For the price and detailed specifications we will have to be a little patient but series production should start by the end of the year for manufacturers before the development of a service for individuals (with customer support services) in 2012.

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