(VIDEO) Expansion of Car2Go: Amsterdam announces electric car sharing program

After the launch of AutoBleue in Nice, France this Saturday, Amsterdam announced today the launch of its car sharing program with more than 300 Smart ED (electric) that will be available before the end of the year.

Car2Go_SmartED_Amsterdam (2).JPGCar2Go_SmartED_Amsterdam (4).JPG 

Developed in partnership with Daimler and Europcar as part of their mobility service Car2Go has been tested in Germany and the United States with ICE (Internal combustion engine) Smarts. The Car2Go service was launched in Ulm two years ago and then spread to Houston and represents 600 vehicles and 35,000 customers in two years.

But while Amsterdam announced today the arrival of a fleet of 300 purely electric Smart, Car2Go has already launched its offer last week in Hamburg with 300 additional ICE Smart, but the Car2Go edition, equipped with Stop/Start, a roof fitted with solar panels and a large screen of 6.5 inches. 

Car2Go_SmartICE_Hamburg.JPGCar2Go_SmartICE_Hamburg (2).jpg

For the city of Hamburg, registrations are open since the beginning of March and have received no less than 1000 entries already! 

Car2Go plans to expand its offer to other cities in Europe and North America by year end... 

Via Daimler
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