Opel’s micro-car, called Mokka, expected by 2012

Formerly known as the Trixx presented as a concept-car for the Geneva Motor Show in 2004 (pictures below), we thought the project abandoned for a while, but rumors are announcing a return under the name of Mokka recently registered by the brand.

Opel_Trixx_Mokka (3).jpgOpel_Trixx_Mokka (2).jpg

According to Automobilwoche this urban vehicle beneath the Corsa (in the range) is expected by late 2012 in the internal combustion engine version (petrol and diesel) and by 2014 for its electric version, engine currently in test on three 100% electric Meriva developping a continuous 82hp and 109hp in peak, fed by a 16kWh battery pack. Nothing spectacular in a Meriva but in a 3m long city-car it should be more than enough.

Via Automobile Magazine/Automobilwoche

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