(VIDEO) Artic Whisper: new generation of plug-in hybrid buses tested in Sweden

The Artic Whisper is tested since the beginning of the month in the city of Umea in Sweden, it integrates several advanced technologies.

We presented you the rapid charging system developed by Opbrid last October, working via pantographs and allowing to charge in a simple and safe way.

This Artic Whisper is its first real-life application: a Volvo 7700 bus converted to hybrid, it id equipped with Valence lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 100kWh, depending on the conditions they allow from one to three hours of range. Incorporating the Busbaaar technology developed by Opbrid allows to extend the battery range up to 18h!


The Busbaar system is comparable to the technology used by trams (without the wires throughout the city). At the end of the route a charging station is installed, pantographs deploy from the roof and go in contact with the electrical supply, everything is done automatically and the driver does not even have to get out of the bus, a 5 to 10 minutes charge is sufficient and makes this electric bus as reliable as a diesel one.

The bus is charged at night and the system Opbrid provides extra energy, but, just in case, a diesel range extender (generator) using bio-diesel is fitted for a maximum reliability. With this technology the bus operates electric only almost all the time.

Artic_Whisper_PHEV_Bus (2).JPG

The vision of the city of Umea is to develop the use of these fast charging buses for 2014 where the city will be the European cultural capital.

The conversion of the hybrid bus to rapid charge made by e-Traction and Hybricon is performed in only 6 weeks.

The first bus is being tested now and a second is expected to arrive soon

Here is a video of the Artic Whisper going through “extensive” tests...

And here is the Opbrid prototype revealed last year

Via Opbrid / e-Traction
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