Each unit of the Fiat 500 electric (500 BEV) sold will represent a loss of $10,000

Here are the words of Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat-Chrysler reported by Automotive News.

But the electric 500 built by Chrysler and distributed in the United States will not be affordable either…  

Fiat-Chrysler_500_BEV_electric.jpgFiat-Chrysler_500_BEV_electric (2).jpg

More expensive than a Nissan Leaf ($32780 MSRP) or Chevrolet Volt ($40280 MSRP), it should be priced around $45,000 a $13,000 increase over the expected price when it appeared in public for the first time at the Detroit Auto Show last year.

But Marchionne plays down saying that the volumes will be very low and therefore the loss limited...

Fiat-Chrysler_500_BEV_electric (4).jpgFiat-Chrysler_500_BEV_electric (3).jpg

What is the point then? Allow the group to acquire know-how in electric mobility and reduce the average emissions of their vehicles.

It will be launch in the USA in 2012 and Europe in 2013, its pricing is to be confirmed.

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