Sim-Lei, an electric car prototype with 333km range

Achievement of more than one year of development SIM-Drive along with the 34 partners of the project has just revealed the performance of their prototype called Sim-LEI.

The project objective was to achieve a high energy efficiency to reach 300km on a single charge.


The prototype has exceeded those goals with 333km measured on the JC-08 cycle (Japanese standard) based on a relatively small battery pack 24,5kWh (same size as the one of the Nissan Leaf that offers a range of 175km) while the performances are setting the benchmark for a compact electric car 150kph top speed and mostly 0 to 100kph takes 4.8 seconds!

Sim-Lei_prototype (2).jpg

This technical performance was achieved thanks to the SIM-Drive electric motors placed in the wheels but also thanks to a monocoque body, low rolling resistance tires and optimized aerodynamics...

Energy consumption is very low with 77Wh/km (equivalent to a 1.4 l/100km consumption).
The team hopes to bring to the car to mass production by 2013.

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