The Chevrolet Volt convertible, an April fool?

According to Road & Track it would offer two doors and two seats, the Chevy Volt, well known for its range extender engine and be in sale from this summer (in the USA).


The car is supposed to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show, which begins April 22nd, so we will soon know if that is a nice April fool or not... It should be based on the same engine (the technical specs will be revealed at that time) and offer few surprises such as photovoltaic films (developed by GM), which will cover 2/3 of the roof.

As for the price, it should be higher by only $ 3,000 ($ 43,000 instead of $ 40,280).Now we As we know (since Geneva Motor Show) that the Volt will arrive in Europe by year-end it is plausible to think that its convertible version could also be distributed in Europe.

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