Tesla Motors, a share to follow

Tesla Motors share’s has jumped by 16.48% yesterday following the report of Adam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley (Managing Director and leader of Morgan Stanley's Global Auto research team).

Indeed he believes TSLA is undervalued and could rise by 200% to reach $ 70. He then added that he sees Tesla as the fourth American car manufacturer.
It did not take much more to convince the market.

"We see a path to a company with $9.5 billion of sales, [greater than] $1.2 billion of operating profit and [greater than] $1 billion of free cash flow by 2020."

It is true that thanks to the Model S and a range of more affordable vehicles under study, Tesla, pioneer of the electric mobility could become the benchmark in the U.S. market and reach 500,000 units in 2025 as the analyst envisions. 

Via Forbes / Bloomberg
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