(SEOUL) Hybrid concept Chevrolet Mi-ray

This concept which means future in Korean, is a roadster with an aluminum chassis and a carbon fiber body. Its engine is presented as "mid-electric, an electric engine powers the front wheels and if additional power is required, the gasoline engine located on the rear wheels is used a back-up.


For the centenary of Chevrolet, Seoul advanced design center wanted to demonstrate the brand’s desire to make smaller vehicles while still sporty the concept Mi-ray is the expression of that wish (3991x1865x1100mm).

The two electric motors provide 30kW (40 hp) are powered by a 1.6 kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack.
The petrol engine is a 1.5l four cylinder turbo, fitted with the Start & Stop technology.

Despite the announcement made by Chevrolet and even the invention of a new name (Mid-electric) this concept is nothing more than a conventional hybrid because, with 1.6kWh of capacity, the battery must not allow  a very impressive range... But we can notice the turbocharged downsized engine and its fuel economy between 60 and 63 mpg (under 4l/100km), the performances have not been revealed for the moment.

Via Chevrolet
Par Technologic Vehicles
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