(Exclusive) Arturo Arino explains the Reptile concept

The Reptile is a hybrid roadster concept designed for the road but also for race tracks.
It is not an hybrid “stricto sensu” or even a range extended vehicle despite its Wankel engine very popular for this use. The Reptile really is two cars in one, it can be electric or a petrol race beast with a 0 to 100kph achieved in 3.4 seconds. 

Arturo_Ariano_Reptil (9).jpgArturo_Ariano_Reptil (2).jpg

First, let me tell you about his inspiration for the colors, it'll immediately set the scene: "My inspiration about the colors was Ayrton Senna's McLaren from 1993" ... 


The Reptile’s structure and body is in carbon fiber, and the elements in red surrounding its body, are there to optimize the aerodynamics and provide a maximum grip. 

At the front is placed a four-pole electric motor which supplied by a lithium-ion battery. 
For energy regeneration, each wheel is equipped with a generator which is powered by the rotation of the wheels.

And, when you feel in the mood for the race track, you simply push the "Race" button, then, the electric motor stops and the 2700cc Wankel rotary engine that develops 700ch 9000trs/min delivers its power to the back wheels. 

Arturo_Ariano_Reptil (6).jpgArturo_Ariano_Reptil (7).jpg

Although it is only a concept Arturo dreams of producing this car and we are pretty sure given its previous work that some of his concepts could become reality one day…

Thanks to Arturo Arino
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