Japan's most efficient city car is the Daihatsu e:S

Through the voice of their Chairman, Kousuke Shiramizu in a speech last Friday in Kitakyushu, Daihatsu Motor has announced that they will begin selling the e: S in Japan this summer for 800.000¥, equivalent to less than 7000€ at today's exchange rate.
Daihatsu-e-S-Concept.jpgDaihatsu-e-S-Concept (2).jpg
But in addition to not being expensive, this small city car is also efficient: Japan’s most frugal internal combustion engine car (hybrids excluded) with 3,33l/km.

Daihatsu hopes to gain market share with this green model at an affordable price, direct competitor of hybrid and electric models.

Unfortunately, because of low European sales, Daihatsu decided to stop selling their cars in Europe by 2013…

Via Nikkei

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