(VIDEO) Vanhulsteijn Cyclone, Dutch craft at the service of style

Vanhulsteijn is a Dutch company based in Arnhem, a hundred miles southeast of Amsterdam. 
It brings together craftsmen around the passion of cycling for tailor-made objects according to their wishes or the ones of their customers.

Vanhulsteijn_Cyclone.jpgVanhulsteijn_Cyclone (2).jpg

Given the number of bicycles in the streets of Holland, they have, even more than us to need to be outstanding on a bike through design or style... But the Cyclone is far beyond what we’ve ever seen ! A real “head-turner” that makes you wonder if it is an artwork or a useable bike…

Vanhulsteijn_Cyclone (10).jpgVanhulsteijn_Cyclone (8).jpg

Halfway between the two the Cyclone is functional as shown in the video below ...

Built in stainless steel it has three speeds and offers the choice of brake levers or coaster brake.  "Designed for fast, comfortable rides"

For exclusivity addicts, two manufactured models are for sale on their website, however, price is on request...

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