Launch of a more affordable version of the Grace e-bike, the Grace One

Grace is a German company that makes upscale electric bikes that are close to tailor made with three different frames available, over 64 colors and a range of accessories.

As a demonstration of their expertise, they have collaborated on the concept of Smart’s eBike. 

To answer their customer’s requests they have decided to develop a more democratic version of their electric bike, after the Grace Pro, here's the Grace One and even though it remains expensive, its price is cut by half compared to the Pro.

 Grace_One.jpgGrace_One (2).jpgGrace_One (4).jpgGrace_One (5).jpg
It will be available from May at 3999€ 
Based on the technology used in the Pro, the One offers the same look, same quality finish and some new parts: 
New fork 
Forged Aluminum Frame 

Two types of frame, universal or city and three engine configurations are available: 
Grace One Pedelec (with 250watts motor) 
Grace One S-Pedelec (with 500watts motor) 
Grace One E-Motorbike (1300watts motor and throttle) 
Grace bikes are available through the online store in 16 countries: Russia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy , United Kingdom and Austria 

And to see the Pro getting assembled it is here 
Par Technologic Vehicles
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