(VIDEO) Saline Airstream: a compressed air race bike for Bonneville Speedweek

“Les Triplettes de Bonneville” French crazy DIYers are doing it again, for the 2011 edition of Bonneville Speedweek but this time they got the help of Valenciennes design school (ISD) to imagine a concept of a compressed air race bike to break speed records.

Saline_Airstream (8).jpgSaline_Airstream (9).jpg

And after the DS24, students from the ISD Valenciennes are very successful this year with an application of the compressed air technology from MDI.

Based on requirements provided by the Triplets, 7 teams of students have submitted projects
-The bike must show and breathe its engine difference 
-The bike has to use different materials or techniques 
-The bike must be able to turn into road version 
-The bike must be able to run at 200 kph 
-The bike has to welcome three air tanks 


The team led by
Vincent Montreuil (Designer, 5th year) 
Julien Clément (Designer, 5th year) 
Thomas Duhamel (Designer, 3rd year) 
Benedict Ponton (Designer, 3rd year) 
Pierrick Huart (Digital Designer, 1st year) 
Won the challenge with the Saline Airstream and its Aluminum and Magnesium construction, road or record position with longer wheelbase (see video below), the project partners are Luxfer, MDI and BRM

Just for the fun the other finalist presented the Saline Birds 

Saline Birds.jpgSaline Birds (2).jpg

And if you have never heard of Bonneville Speedweek it looks like this

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