(VIDEO) Fido, the electric Vespa of the 21st century

After having created Soundspeed Scooters  in 2008, a shop dedicated to selling and servicing electric (offering electrified vintage Vespa), Jeb Gast quickly realized that the offer did not meet its customers expectations, Fremont Motors was born and gave birth to the prototype Fido, as loyal as a dog an interesting mix of vintage and actual design between the Vespa and the Zoomer by Honda. 

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Taking notes from the customers remarks, this experience served as a school to develop a "made to measure" for electric 2 wheelers users, reviving the simplicity: 

The principle of the scooter is back to basics, easy and convenient with simple design. 
Principles that made the success of the Vespa, and we see the Fido as a modern reinterpretation to which we wish the same success story 

This is only a concept that has given rise to a prototype, but I predict that this scooter will meet with great success in the press which will result in an quick market launch.

Its release price is estimated at $ 5,000  when it will go on sale next year wich is a very good compromise for a scoter offering:

Respectable speed 70kph 
Sufficient autonomy that can double: from 55 to 110km 
Attractive storage principle (backpack under the seat) 
Removable battery pack for home charging 
Different sounds available for the engine

You can find its specs here 

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