XL Hybrid, simple and effective hybrid conversion

XL Hybrid is an American company that has developed a hybrid system that can be easily and quickly installed on standard models.

The kit is adaptable on some of the most used commercially and in fleets: Lincoln TownCar, Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and also Ford vans (E-Series).


The system is placed on the rear axle and uses an electric motor, it is connected to a lithium battery that is placed in the trunk. 
Thanks to this technology, power is increased and consumption decreased by 15-30% in the city.
After two years of work the technology was officially launched this week.
No  original parts is removed, the system is recharged through braking (regenerative braking).
A charge indicator placed on the dashboard.
XL Hybrid’s kit is installed in just a few hours and requires no special skills for maintenance.

Adaptability to other models will be available from 2012.
The price of the conversion kit has not yet been revealed.

Par Technologic Vehicles
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