Despite rising fuel prices, mass adoption of electric vehicles in Europe is not for tomorrow...

That is the result of a new study of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s (DTTL) Global Manufacturing Industry Group conducted on 4760 Europeans in seven countries - Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. 

In countries such as Belgium, France, Germany and the UK, consumers are now buying fuel at 1.50€ per liter in average [1]. The Deloitte study shows that at € 2.00 per liter, 63% of all European consumers surveyed would bemuch more willing to consider purchasing an EV. 
But if the fuel consumption of conventional combustion or internal combustion engine (ICE) is reduced to 3 liters per 100 km, European consumers would be less tempted to buy an EV.
Three quarters of European consumers surveyed (74%) expect a 480km range from an EV before considering buying one. 
Over two thirds (67%) believe that two hours is the longest time for a full charge. 

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According to Bertrand Delain (Associate in Responsible Consultancy of the Manufacturing Sector) : "The European consumer is not willing to pay extra money for an EV, which means that incentives such as tax exemptions and reductions and grants [2] are a determinant factor in the purchasing process." 

While more than half of European consumers surveyed (53%) say they may consider buying an EV, the majority (58%) is not willing to pay more than € 15 000 (after government incentives), and few (24%) are ready to pay an additional € 1 500 for the same vehicle in its electric version. 

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Potential consumer profile: 
- Only a small percentage of consumers surveyed (16%) see themselves as potential EV buyers or leasers pioneers. These consumers are very concerned about the environment. 
- Politically active, they consider themselves as trendsetters and are tech-savvy. 
-The majority of them comes from Generation Y (18-34 years), male and highly educated. 

However, in general they consider that the offer currently available does not meet their expectations in terms of range, recharge time and cost. 

Hybrid and electric vehicles are currently representing a very small proportion of the overall market. In its report entitled A New Era. Accelerating Toward 2020 - An Automotive Industry Transformed, Deloitte estimates that by 2020, electric vehicles and other "green" cars will account for up to one third of total global sales in developed markets and up to 20% in urban areas of emerging markets. 

Additional results of the survey: 
-For more than 80% of European consumers surveyed, autonomy, ease of use and recharging cost are very important factors in the process of buying or leasing an EV. 

-The pionneers, however, tend to consider the battey switch technology as extremely important. 
-Few among the European consumers surveyed travel more than 80 km per day. 
[1] Average price of unleaded fuel in EU Member States February 27, 2011. European portal of Energy. 
[2] "Electric Vehicles: Turning buzz into reality." Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA). 

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