A CNG tender, the "Natural Gas Boat"

This boat imagined by the designer Michele Stefano runs on Natural Gas or CNG, although it is only a concept its style and propulsion deserve special interest.
Michele-Stefano-CNG-tender (2).jpgMichele-Stefano-CNG-tender.jpg

Based on a gas hydrojet turbine converted to CNG this boat is more economical to use and emits less emissions than conventional combustion engines.

Presumably safer than gasoline in a boat as the CNG disperses more quickly in the air and has a higher combustion temperature. Compared to CNG in a car it is also safer as the chances of collision are much lower (risk due to the pressurized tanks).
Michele-Stefano-CNG-tender (7).jpgMichele-Stefano-CNG-tender (8).jpg
This 8.8 meters tender is made of carbon and weighs 2 tons, it welcomes 12+2 people. 
Its range goes from 10 to 15hours with a 1000l tank while the 350hp turbine allows a maximum speed of 45 knots.

The Natural Gas tender won’t compensate the emissions of the big Yachts it could equip but it's better than nothing ...

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