(VIDEO UPDATE) Suzuki Burgman Fuel-Cell is EU approved

This is a first for an hydrogen scooter, the Burgman Fuel Cell, two years after its reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009 has just been approved by the EC WVTA (European Commission Whole Vehicle Type-Approval).
Suzuki Burgman Fuel-Cell-EU-approved(2).jpg
This European approval enables the model to be sold in all member states without gaining nation type-approval.

Developed in cooperation with Intelligent Energy (who had already released an attractive concept the ENV then the Suzuki Crosscage concept), a prototype is tested since February 2010 on English roads near the Loughborough University.
Suzuki Burgman Fuel-Cell-EU-approved(3).jpg
A compact air cooled fuel cell powers the scooter and the hydrogen tank is integrated inside the frame.
Like all hydrogen vehicles, the only emission is water.

Suzuki Burgman Fuel-Cell-EU-approved(4).jpg

Suzuki wants to bring this Burgmann Fuel-Cell and hydrogen propulsion on two wheelers to the market but waits that the infrastructure grows. So, for the moment, no release date has been communicated.

Via Suzuki UK/Intelligent Energy

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