The solar-powered catamaran Planet Solar arrived in Polynesia

On February 7th, we announced the imminent departure of the Turanor (name of the Planet Solar boat) to cross the Pacific.

Last Friday it arrived in Nuku Hiva’s port in French Polynesia, offering us some beautiful pictures.

Planet-Solar-French-Polynesia (4).jpgPlanet-Solar-French-Polynesia (3).jpgPlanet-Solar-French-Polynesia (6).jpgPlanet-Solar-French-Polynesia(5).jpg

The Turanor is almost half way into on its journey to the Australian coasts, they will be reached in mid May 2011.

Since the departure from the Galapagos, the Turanor and its team spent 25 days, 6 hours and 34 minutes at sea covering a distance of 5599km and 21133 km since the beginning of the adventure in Monaco, breaking the record of the longest distance ever traveled on a solar electric vehicle.

Planet-Solar-French-Polynesia.jpgPlanet-Solar-French-Polynesia (2).jpg

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