(VIDEO) The hybrid bike M55 Beast available at € 25.555

We have been following the development of the Hungarian company, M55 Electric Bike since thier inception.

With the interest of the press and public presentations at Eurobike and the SEMA Show last year!
The development has never been faster and 2011 promises to be the year of  market launch: they release the price, have two new models under construction and broadcast the first video of the Beast in motion that gives a little insight of its abilities.

The company will present in the Top Marques exhibition in Monaco (14-17 April 2011), a show that displays only only exceptional objects, two new models, called Daemon (an urban version) and the Shadow, little brother of the Beast, elegantly introduced by the brand "If the Beast is a Murcielago, the Shadow will be a Gallardo..." will likely be presented there.

Read the data sheet here

Via M55
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