Zen Car, Brussels carsharing in Tazzari

Launched last month, the service Zen Car already offers 20 vehicles in 40 stations located in the city and one in the airport (Zaventem/Brussels).


This service is available for individuals and businesses with different costs depending on the type of subscription (see below, only in french).

The principle is simple, you just register, pay an annual fee (and in some cases monthly one) then you book the car, take it from the closest station and then give it back. 
The hourly cost of the rent varies between 5 and 9€ depending on the time and contract.

At your registration you receive a magnetic card system (eColibri Carsharing) it opens the doors of the car and releases the keys that are located inside the vehicle.

Why Zen? Because everything is included: 24/7 assistance, parking, mileage, insurance, maintenance ...

Terms of use : you must be over 21 years and possess a driving license for at least 2 years.

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