(VIDEO) Infiniti Etherea, the hybrid hatchback

We were right about Inifiniti’s intentions when we saw the first images of the Etherea arrive. 
With 4.4 m, it measures just 8cm more than the Lexus CT200h and stands as its major competitor but with more power. 

Etherea Geneva.jpgEtherea Geneva (2).jpg

The Infiniti Etherea is a concept that previews a future entry-level model in Inifiniti’s range, a performance compact hybrid designed for younger audience with an high-tech interpretation of the traditional Japanese materials and finishes.

Based on the hybrid technology developed for the M35h, the Etherea has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine developing 245hp (unlike the 3.5-liter V6 of 365hp fitted in the M35h) combined with a CVT gearbox. 
For the first time at Infiniti the car is front wheel drive.

Etherea Geneva (3).jpg

With 5 doors and 4 seats, the Etherea is a real “balance artist », between a coupe, a crossover, a sedan and a hatchback and the result, original, is not unpleasant to watch. 

In conclusion let’s quote Giichi Endo project and exterior design manager:
“A four-door coupe with five-door practicality – a hatchback that doesn’t look like a hatchback” .

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