(VIDEO) Tata Pixel, the Indian Smart

The Indian manufacturer Tata unveiled the Pixel yesterday in Geneva, an ultra modern concept car using the same platform as the Nano, with which Tata clearly shows its ambitions on the European market conceived as "an experimental model for the European market."

The Tata Pixel that welcomes 4 passengers presents some interesting features including a tilt wheel system for an optimum turning radius (2.6 m).

Inside we find the technology "My Tata Connect" that integrates a smart phone or an iPad.

On the engine side, unlike most of the concepts presented in Geneva, the Tata Pixel doesn’t offer an electric propulsion, but is equipped with a 1.2l three cylinder diesel, combined with low-resistance tires, a Start & Stop system and a technology called “Intelligent Battery Charging "(energy recovery) for overall emissions estimated at 89g/km and a consumption under 4l/100km.

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