(VIDEO) Ford Focus, high-tech compact car

Being a global manufacturer like Ford allows interesting economies of scale. 

With its 2011 Focus, Ford has integrated systems usually reserved for premium sedans along with original innovations in the search for efficiency.


Equipped with sensors and cameras located under its mirrors, the Focus is quite techy :

-Line-crossing indicator with the EPAS system that puts you back in the line
-Driver’s vigilance monitoring
-Recognition of road signs and display on the dashboard
-Intelligent Lighting (switches to road light automatically)
-Parking facilitator, for any parking spot that is 20% bigger than the car the Focus can help you getting parked.
-Blind spot indicator.
-Cruise control with adaptive security distances maintain
-LED Interior Lighting
-Grille vents auto-close for more efficiency

And now some videos to illustrate:

Automatic parking

Active Grille Shutters


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