Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4, first units at 41.500€ (Limited Edition)

Peugeot has just announced that, to celebrate the public opening of the Geneva 2011 Auto Show on Thursday (the 3rd), it will offer a 300 units limited editon of the very first 3008 HYbrid4 available.

The car can be pre-booked on internet in 11 European countries* from Thursday for exclusive deliveries in preview.

For this price the equipment will be premium and feature some specific details:

-Each copy is numbered with an aluminum plate
-LED lights
-Pearl white exterior with chrome door handles
-Full two tone leather interior (including dashboard)
-Specific steering wheel
-Panoramic glass roof
-Parking Assistance

For the record the 3008 HYbrid4 offers 200hp, and 4 wheel drive from 99g/km (full specs here)

There's good chances that this 3008 Hybrid4 Limited Edition, the world’s first production hybrid diesel, will become a collector ... 

The price listed, 41500€ is the French price of this edition, not confirmed for other Europeans countries.

*Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Via Peugeot

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