(VIDEO) The electric self-launching glider Pipistrel Taurus Electro G2 is available

Pipistrel, a Slovenian company started from the passion of two light aircraft pilots in 1982. 
Today the company has more than 7 models and has been working for several years on the Taurus Electro. After some prototypes, the G2 has emerged. 


This is the evolution of the Taurus Electric, its inaugural flight took place this month. Already 20 customers worldwide have placed orders for deliveries in 2011.
The developments made on this version are so significant that the performances of the Taurus Electro G2 now exceeds those of the petrol version, it takes off and climbs faster, without emissions, thanks to its specifically developed electric motor with a peak power of 40kW (54hp) and 30kW (40hp) continuous. 


As for the battery (Lithium Polymer) two configurations are possible, one launching the glider up to 1200m and the other one to 2000m.


The electric propulsion technology can be retrofitted in petrol Taurus but also on other platforms. 

The Taurus Electro G2 conforms with the EU microlight and FAA ASTM standards
Price without options similar to the petrol version : 89500€.

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