Irmscher 7i, an electric Seven

The German tuner Irmscher sells a Lotus Seven inspired roadster since 1993, the Irmscher 7, with Opel mechanical components including engines. Outputs range from 148 to 280hp while it weighs just over 700kg.

For the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, they decided to propose the 7i Selectra an electric roadster has a power of 235hp and a torque of 800Nm (enough to make the car fly just at a simple touch on the accelerator). 

Irmscher 7i Selectra(2).jpg

The driver can adjust the power depending on the conditions or needs through a command placed in the cockpit. The car’s LiFePO4 battery, located under the chassis allows a 200km range, fast charge (80%) takes 1h.
Estimated price : 90000 €.

Irmscher 7i Selectra.jpg

Via Autobild

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