(VIDEO) In 1900 Porsche presented the first hybrid car

(VIDEO) In 1900 Porsche presented the first hybrid car

111 years after its introduction at the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche will display the "Semper Vivus" (translate “Always alive”) the first functional hybrid car, on its booth at the 2011 Geneva before the car is exposed at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

semper vivus hybrid.jpg

The recreation of the gasoline-electric hybrid Lohner-Porsche from 1900 with motors placed in the front wheels took 4 years…

This is a way for Porsche to show that its history, already linked to efficiency with its Flat6 who made its reputation, is also linked to innovation and hybridization with two hybrid production models in the Porsche Hybrid Performance line-up, the Cayenne S hybrid and the Panamera S hybrid.

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