(VIDEO) Volvo V60 Diesel Plug-in hybrid: 49g/km and 1.9l/100

Volvo has revealed details of its V60 Plug-In, an hybrid prototype which is a preview of the 
series version due to arrive at dealerships in 2012. 

Volvo V60 Plug-in front.jpgVolvo V60 Plug-in back.jpg

Besides the technical features already announced in the article of January 27, 2011, we learn that this 215hp and 440Nm hybrid diesel has three driving modes: 

- Pure: electric only, with a range of 50km, in this configuration the car is rear wheel drive and offers 70hp and 200Nm of torque 
- Hybrid (default mode) diesel engine and electric motor interact to provide emissions as low as 49g/km and fuel economy of 1.9 l/100km. In this mode the range is 1200km! 
- Power: performance mode, the engines act together and provide a combined output of 215+70 hp and 440+200Nm of torque, in this mode, 0 to 100kph takes 6 ,9seconds. 

Volvo V60 Plug-in drive modes.jpgVolvo V60 Plug-in interior.jpg

A 4 wheel drive mode is also available at a simple push on a button. The front wheels are then driven by the diesel engine while the electric motor drives the rear wheels. 

Recharging its Lithium-Ion 12kWh battery pack takes 4.5 hours (230V, 10A)

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