(VIDEO) Rinspeed Bamboo in motion revealed

Before its official presentation in Geneva 2011, Rinspeed revealed the first real pictures of the BamBoo and a film.
Positively neo-retro this first presentation is filmed in St Tropez which gives a taste of summer and also places the car in its context: the beautiful beaches and vacation spots. 

Rinspeed Bamboo6.jpgRinspeed Bamboo7.jpg

Created with quite some partners (which you can find on the sides of the car) the BamBoo is larger than a Mini Moke and less rough than a Mehari, it style is from James Rizzi. 

"Sun & Fun" and obviously extroverted, the BamBoo seems very simple, but is very high-tech on the inside: starting with its original key (a USB stick a Swiss Army knife), screens and connectivity placed throughout the cabin and even on the front grille, Gocycle(s) that look like spare wheels are positioned in the trunk and finally its seats and roof are removable and inflatable, all with a weight of 1090kg. 

Rinspeed Bamboo4.jpgRinspeed Bamboo5.jpg

Its chassis is in steel and the bodywork in plastic polymers. 
The 72hp are more than sufficient to get the Bamboo from 0 to 50kph in 4.7 seconds and achieve a top speed of 120kph with an autonomy of 105km at 90kph.
Rinspeed Bamboo3.jpgRinspeed Bamboo2.jpg

Very trendy, it could be a summer hit! Except that for now, like most of the vehicles imagined by Rinspeed it is just a concept car... But some manufacturers are pretty interested by the Bamboo! Stay tuned ...

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