Your electric sports car, Turkish or Japanese ?

Two companies are launching electric versions of their combustion engine sports car this year.
One, Etox is Turkish, the other, Tommy Kaira is Japanese

Its base model is diesel engine so called sports car, powered by 125hp and 185Nm 1.5l 4 cylinder the car weights 1420kg. 0 to 100kph takes 13 seconds.

On the other hand emissions and fuel economy are rather good, it emits 117g of CO² et burns 5l per 100km.

The electric version is in phase one development and achieves 120kph for a 250km range, not amazing but some progresses are expected by its launch within the coming weeks and its price will be low, around 20000$.


Tommy Kaira by Green Lord motors:
The brand Tommy Kaira is specialized in tuning but also produces its own cars. An electric version of its ZZ-EV model has been developed in cooperation with Green Lord Motors its range is 100km for a 150kph max speed.

It will be launched “worldwide” in June 2011.

And if this ZZ-EV is successful the ZZII will get the same treatment.

Both of them are not comparable to the Tesla and even less the Inizio but still they could be good surprises at their launch as entry level sports car…

Source : Etox/AA/Akihabara

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