The Honda Jazz overtakes the Toyota Prius

After 20 consecutive months of lead the Toyota Prius gets beaten by the Honda Fit in Japan.

In January, the sales of the Honda Jazz/Fit (half of them being hybrids) jumped by 14 % in regard to the previous year with 14873 units sold. The Prius remains the world’s best selling hybrid but its sales dropped by 37% in January to 13711 units.
14308_Jazz_Hybrid.jpgToyota Prius.jpg

Several reasons for it:
- The end of the government incentives for green cars last September. 
- Jazz's more attractive price, in particular in its hybrid version ($19000 against $25000 for the Prius).
- Jazz's design updated very recently

To find such scores at Honda with the Jazz you must go back to March 2009... That is good news for Honda whose fourth quarter profits reported a 40% drop, mainly due to a strong Yen.

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