GM looking to lower the price of the Volt

It looks like GM’s recent investment could become interesting very soon…

GM announced via its blog that its 2011 forecasts are 25.000 units and 120.000 units of the Volt for 2012
Dan Akerson CEO of GM asked to the teams to cut its price by $7500. 
It would put the Volt at $33.500 (without federal tax credit)! 

With such a price decline the volumes could sensibly increase and bring economies of scale.

Leads for cost reduction:
- Reduce battery cost estimated at 10.000$ (possible thanks to Envia)
- Use the Voltec range extender technology on other models
- Develop cheaper electric engines using fewer rare earth elements (ex: neodymium).
- Simplification and standardization of elements such as the air-conditioning, power steering and brakes developed especially for Volt
- Some standard elements on the current version (ex: screen LCD) could become optional to lower the base price.

And this news might be interesting in Europe too because everything that works for the Volt presumably works for the Ampera
And such a decline would be more than welcome for Opel’s range extended car charged 42.900€ …

Source: GM
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