(VIDEO) Quadro 4D, a Dynamic introduction...

Having worked for 25 years in the shadow of the biggest scooter and motorcycle manufacturers like: Piaggio, Gilera, Yamaha, Aprilia, Triumph… Marabese Design decided to “dive into the big bath” by creating its own brand "Quadro tecnologie s.r.l" to develop scooters.

Quadro developed a three-wheeler called the 350D, but also a scooter with four-wheels the 4D! 
(An off-road version is in the works)

Quadro 350D et 4D.jpg

Both drivable with a regular car license in Europe, the 350D and 4D should be available later in the year with their detailed specifications, list of distributors and prices.

The estimated prices are around 7000€ for the 350D and 9000€ for the Quadro 4D.

In cooperation with Oxygen, electric versions of the 3D and 4D are already under development for a 2012 launch! 

The Quadro 4D represents an interesting alternative to two-wheelers, three-wheelers and even small city cars like the Smart.

Awaiting for the official retail launch let’s have a look to the capabilities of the 4D on the road when it is not treated carefully…

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