An electric, front wheel drive Mercedes VITO, the E-Cell


The Vito E-Cell is a front wheel drive van that uses a single speed transmission.
This unit is particularly efficient and has been developed specifically for the Vito E-Cell

After the production of 100 Vito E-cell, to be delivered between August and December this year for a 4 year 80000km trial, Mercedes revealed today that 2000 more units will be built in 2011.

Apart from the environmental benefits (it operates with no emissions and  almost silently), customers found that, in comparison to diesel price, the cost of use of electric power shows a factor of 4 to 7 (recharged overnight).

The E-cell has an operating range of approximately 130km (80miles), a payload of 900kg and a limited top speed of 80km/h making it an ideal daily urban van.

The electric motor develops a continuous power of 60kW (70kW peak) and a maximum torque of 280Nm, the E-cell uses energy recuperation from braking, a complete charge takes about 6 hours.

Source: Mercedes

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