(VIDEO) The electric Japanese Morgan

Its name: TGMY EV Himiko

Based on the Mitsuoka Himiko, (a Japan hand-made retro convertible) the company TGMY, specialized in batteries and electric components decided to convert the Himiko to electric propulsion: an induction engine, Lithium polymer batteries and Azure Dynamics controllers. 

In sights, the record of 501km held by Tesla’s Roadster and a potential of 550km estimated by TGMY.

The Mitsuoka Himiko is available in Asia and in the Emirates and is originally equipped with a 2.0 liters 4 cylinders. 

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A Morgan front end, with a Rover/Austin radiator grill and a Weismann back, only good ingredients!

Once the cheap/copy feeling passed, I kind of like it, especially the flashy red one…

Release of the TGMY EV Himiko: second half 2011, price and specifications haven’t been revealed yet.

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