Geneva 2011: EDAG Light Car

EDAG Light Car sharing, a car “everybody will want to hire, but nobody needs to buy”.
In development for two years the car has been specially designed to meet the needs of this mobility service: simple, strong and reliable.

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With a 1.9 m height it is easily accessible; it has a 100km range and a maximum speed of 100kph.

The Light Car includes an internet connectivity, this way, it can communicate with other means of transportation via a Smart Phone application but also offer an internet connection to its occupants.

A display system on the surface of the vehicle indicates if it is free or not. The rear window shows advertisements and can make it according to advertisers proximity (i.e.: restaurant, concert etc...).

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But there is more: the Light Car welcomes up to 6 persons! Seats are arranged in two rows of three, back to back. The back row is easily foldable to maximize the storage space.

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To recharge the car, the solution chosen is the induction (wireless). Thus the charge is made intelligently, according to the needs of the car, the cost and the origin of the energy (renewable or not).

Source: EDAG
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