It looks like this family likes electric cars!

As usual when Americans make something, they make it big. 

The Kramer family has just received its third electrified vehicle, a Nissan Leaf.

Ok, Felix Kramer created CalCars a site dedicated to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles in California that explains its taste for them …

After having converted their 2004 Prius to a Plug-in hybrid in 2006 (Felix became the first owner of a Plug-in Prius in the world) the virus spread:

“Since we got our Volt on Dec. 22 and our Leaf Jan. 24, I've felt like we've taken a time machine to the future. Since as the Founder of I've been doing little else but talk and evangelize about this for a decade, I thought I'd be ready for this moment. But now that it's really here, it's far better than I ever imagined!” Felix Kramer

After 37 days and 2281miles (3671km) the Chevrolet Volt shows an average fuel economy of 68mpg (approximately 3,7l / 100km).

Source : Calcars

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