The new Ford GT will be hybrid

Hybrid supercars is a big trend in the industry and although that does not make them green, we support this "greenization" of the sports cars. 
Because, we cannot stop producing them from a day to an other but we can try to make them more responsible …

Concerning the Ford GT: it will be powered by an hybrid mid-engined turbocharged V8. 

Thanks to technologies similar to those used by Porsche on the 918 Spyder and the GT3 R-Hybrid, an overboost: a simple push on a button and electric engines will deliver the additional power to the front wheels.

The new Ford GT will also feature a Start/Stop function will be able to drive for some kilometers in electric only mode.

Its power will  be superior to 600hp, an aluminum frame and a body in composite will keep the weight at 1400kg.

Estimated performances: 0 to 100kph in three seconds and a 320kph max speed.

The target: MacLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458, the Audi R8 and the upcoming Lamborghini with an inferior price.

While AutoExpress sees the 1995 GT90 concept car in its lines

We clearly see the magnificent Ford Shelby GR1 from 2005.

No information on its official reveal has been given yet…

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