Geneva 2011: the Micron by Exid

Is it an insect? No it is a car called the Micron

This vehicle under development since 2009 will be officially revealed at the 2011 Geneva show.

You can find below the latest pictures available of the car. Compared to the previous version (in white) there hasn’t been many changes except for the back lights and a more stylished color which suits it very well. 

This compact electric city vehicle, between the scooter and the car, will be a direct competitor of the Renault Twizy.

I look forward to discover the real car and especially to inspect its body made from hemp fibers (like the Kestrel) and Vinylester.

In the same category of vehicle we also find the Lumeneo Smera, but according to Régis Coat (Leader of the project Micron at Exid) the Micron positioning will be more Twizy (thus not too expensive?). 

To be continued in Geneva.
Launch in 2012.

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