(VIDEO) Launch of the Mitsubishi i-Miev in France

And here comes the last member of the family " C-MION " in France, you can buy  from 19 Mitsubishi dealers. 

Ranked by price (and without the French governmental 5000€ grant) we find in first the i-Miev at 34790€, then the Ion Peugeot at 34940€ and the 35350€ for the C-Zero. 

Without testing the three, it is difficult to justify the price differences (even small), as the cars are being built on the same base. 
We remind you that the French brands are offering leasing formulas, Mitsubishi did not reveal if they have such plans yet.

The sales target for 2011 is rather realistic: 100 units

Let’s leave Mike Brewer (UK) from “Wheelers Dealers" on Discovery detail the car for us. 

For more details on the models (autonomy, recharge time) click on the links below:
Par Technologic Vehicles
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