(VIDEO) A mini electric F1

This toy-looking car is a strict one seater, it has just been revealed at the 2011 Tokyo EV show by the company Tajima Motors, it is called the e-runner.

Let’s play a game, I give you the specs and you try to figure out the price:

Max speed 70kph but limited to 60kph
Weight 230kg
Two battery packs one offering a 40km range the other 120km
Three colours available: black, red and white 
Fun but not amazing design

Ok I know it’s not much information but still any price coming to your mind?
Then let’s say it’s much more expensive than what you think…

It’s price is 3.675.000 Yen, approximately 32845€ and I still wonder why because from the video below it does not seem really  fun to drive or to have an acceleration comparable to what you could expect for this  price… 

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